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testfocuscareer2 Career and Education
Planning Systems
Focus 2 Career
Customized with your college's majors

Major exploration and career planning for students at 2 & 4 year colleges.
Leased by Career Services.

Focus 2 Apply
Customized with your college's majors

Used by prospective students considering your college. Leased by colleges to enhance prospective recruitment and retention.

Focus 2 Explore
Planning for the Future

For career & college planning and individuals in career transition. Leased by high schools, college planners, work force development, libraries, organizations, & individuals.

The Focus 2 Experience

An Innovative Approach
FOCUS 2 combines self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making and action planning in one comprehensive product. Customized with your college's majors, students' assessment results are matched to career options and majors/programs offered at your college. FOCUS 2 guides students through a reliable career and education decision making model to help them select their majors at your college, make informed career decisions and take action.

How Students Benefit

Helps Students
Research has shown that students who get involved in career planning activities show increased retention, graduate on time, have improved academic performance, tend to be more goal focused and motivated, and have a more satisfying & fulfilling college experience. Focus 2 will help your students select the right major at your college, explore career options, take responsibility for their education and career planning, & engage in activities that support their career development.

Counselor Reports

Counselor Reports
Counselor reports ensure student accountability and program success, and support your reporting needs. The Focus 2 Counselor Website gives you access to each student's complete portfolio. Aggregate reports to view individual and overall usage that can be used for trend analysis and accountability.

Development Standards

Development Standards
FOCUS 2 contains the most comprehensive occupational and educational information database available. FOCUS 2 has been fully certified in meeting the highest level of standards established by the Association for Computer-Based Systems for Career Information (ACSCI). The FOCUS 2 system conforms to the standards and criteria established by the National Career Development Association and the U.S. Department of Labor.
Career Readiness:
FOCUS 2 assesses students' involvement and introduces activities that support career and education decision making. Career Readiness establishes the baseline. Includes the student's self described career and educational goals, academic strengths and weaknesses, career planning status, and personal development needs.
Five reliable and valid assessments guide the career exploration process. Students can combine the results of multiple assessments to get more refined results. Students can review their answers and retake any assessment as often as they like.

The full battery includes:

  • Work Interest Inventory
  • Personality Assessment
  • Skills
  • Work Values
  • Leisure Activities
Career Exploration

Our extensive database includes current detailed information on 1000+ different occuations. Brief videos accompany many of the occupations to give students a better feel for a "day in the life of ..."

Descriptions include:

  • Educational Requirements including Major Areas of Study
  • Job Duties
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Job Outlook and Trends
  • Earnings
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Typical Work Environment
  • Typical Work Interest Profile
  • Professional Associations

Regular and ongoing updates keep our data current with workforce and economic changes.

When exploring occupations students also have the ability to compare 2 occupations side by side, search for occupations by industry, and much more.

What Can You Do With A Major in ...?

Focus 2 incorporates the areas of study offered at your school. Allows students to explore potential career options for each of your programs of study.

Taking Action

Students plan for academic career relevant experiences by going through a process which helps them focus their ideas and to decide what steps they need to take to achieve their specific goals

Some of the highlights include:

  • Developing a relevant course plan
  • Internships
  • Volunteer and Community Service
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Work Experience
  • Building a Network of Contacts

For Prospective Customers
Free FOCUS 2 trial accounts and webinars available for Counselors and Other Career Professionals interested in leasing the FOCUS 2 system.
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