Career Dimensions® Focus 2 Testimonials
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Northwestern College
"I use FOCUS 2 with all student populations. Its self-directed format enables adult learners as well as traditional college age students to interact with the information in ways that are best for them, but still gives the career counselor valuable information when working one-on-one with clients. I especially like the ability to combine assessments for more in-depth reporting. FOCUS 2 provides tools that promote student engagement with educational and career decision making, and the online delivery system makes it easy to use in blended learning formats."
Diann Lloyd-Dennis, Interim Director, Northwestern College Center for Calling & Career
Texas Tech University
"We are very pleased and excited to utilize FOCUS 2 here at Texas Tech University. Many of our students let us know how FOCUS 2 impacted their major selection and career decision-making in such positive ways. I unquestionably recommend FOCUS 2 to your university or institution. Many of our faculty and advisors use FOCUS 2 as a career exploration and major selection tool. Overall, we could not be more pleased with FOCUS 2 for our student populations and we are especially impressed with the personal support provided by the FOCUS 2 team, the ease of use and the economy of scale it provides. You cannot go wrong with FOCUS 2!"
Joe Duke, M.Ed., LPC, Associate Director, University Career Services, Texas Tech University
University of South Florida
"FOCUS 2 is an unparalleled tool for any academic coordinator, particularly for those of us who work with student-athletes. The simplicity of the assessments and career planning tools allow students to work through easily and return to review, revise, and explore as needed. The self-direction that FOCUS 2 allows is great, but for me, the administrative piece of being able to target particular students is crucial. This is my third institution where I have been fortunate enough to use FOCUS 2. Since athletic departments are held to strict retention and eligibility standards, it is vital for student-athletes to identify their area of study and career path as quickly as possible. In my experience, FOCUS 2 has provided my students with direction when there was none, clarity when there was questioning, and confidence in their choices."
Jessica Krasny, Academic Coordinator, Student-Athlete Development, University of South Florida Athletics
University of Alabama - Birmingham
"Focus 2 is very useful in helping students link to a suitable major and learn more about occupations in which they’re interested. Advisors see this as very useful and especially like the customization of school-specific majors and the comparison students can do between 2 occupations. The action plan feature drives students to the next step, so they will focus on gaining experience in their chosen field."
Suzanne Scott-Trammell, Executive Director, University of Alabama at Birmingham
American International College
"I have worked with a number of interest inventories – but the best program I have worked with is FOCUS 2. We work with a large number of non-traditional students as well as commuters and students can access this program on-line easily. FOCUS 2 provides easy instructions as well as on-line results. Students can take the assessment and receive their own results and view them at any time. I even use one of the assessments as brief preparation for students scheduled for a career counseling session – it takes them about 2 minutes to complete and provides great info for a broader conversation. (Our) office utilizes FOCUS 2 and have implemented it into our freshmen experience course, it had also been used by our business communication class and graduate students to verify their career choice. Students have indicated they like the test."
Richard Warrington, Director, Career Services, American International College
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
"The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has been using FOCUS 2 in our First Year Experience (FYE) for over 3 years. Our students are enjoying the enriching experience of creating a solid career plan in their freshman year! The program is very student friendly and offers them a series of steps needed to reach their goals. Additionally, FOCUS 2 helps students by creating an online career portfolio that they can carry with them throughout their years in college! After reviewing several programs for the FYE at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we chose FOCUS 2 because it offers a very concise and direct approach to career planning. The program is easy to navigate and instructors can be trained quickly to help their students explore and complete each section. FOCUS 2 customizes the program to each individual university by featuring only the majors offered there. This is especially helpful to freshman because it helps them narrow their choices and reach realistic goals. The people at Career Dimensions, Inc. have been extraordinary to work with!! They do an excellent job of training and keeping us informed of any updates and improvements. They run frequent webinars as refreshers to FOCUS 2. As one of the first schools to use FOCUS 2 as part of our FYE, we asked for many adaptations to have FOCUS 2 work for our purposes. The Career Dimensions team worked hard to accommodate all of our requests and needs. They have continued to develop and enhance the program into one of the most effective career planning tools you can use in a FYE!!" Lucy C. Gammon, Director of the Career Counseling Center/Advisor Academic Success Center, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Warren County Community College
"Everyone at FOCUS is very responsive and so easy to work with. Focus is an interactive, stand alone assessment that students may use without intervention. They do not need to come in for interpretation. The assessment results are explained within the module. Most importantly, is the responsiveness of the Focus team. They asked colleges for feedback and the result was the new "Action Plan" module allowing us to use this step-by-step academic planning and career portfolio feature. We are looking forward to incorporating this new enhancement into our students' Career Portfolios."
Rebecca Mellinger, Academic & Distance Learning Advisor, Warren County Community College
Central Penn College
"The career services office at Central Penn College has been utilizing FOCUS since August 2008. The number of users has grown steadily each year. In 2010, we began introducing the tool in all Freshman Seminar courses. Each student creates an account and completes some of the assessments during the class period. Many Freshman Seminar professors required their students to complete the remaining assessments and have asked a representative of career services to return for a follow-up session to discuss results. Central Penn is a career-focused college and does not admit students with undeclared majors. Nevertheless, exposing students to FOCUS in Freshman Seminar has allowed us to effectively counsel students who were in the wrong major. This has led to increased satisfaction among those students. In addition, students are required to complete the FOCUS prior to having a Change of Major form approved. These are just a few of the ways that Central Penn and its students have benefitted from using FOCUS. We look forward to the continued enhancements that are forthcoming and finding new ways to utilize FOCUS to assist both current and prospective students, as well as alumni."
Steve Hassinger, Career Services Director, Central Penn College
University of Nebraska Kearney
"As an academic advising professional who advises students who are still deciding on their major, I wish I had known about FOCUS 2 years ago! Our office of Academic Advising recently merged with our campus Career Services office, and in the hunt for a new career assessment tool we heard from many different sources that FOCUS 2 was the best thing available and after watching the online demonstration we agreed, but we were all fairly sure that such a comprehensive and useful tool would be far out of our price range. Imagine our surprise when we found it cost less than the current assessment tool we were using! How great is that? The best value AND the best price! I think what I like best about FOCUS 2 is that the surveys ask very similar questions to those we ask students in person, so it does a lot of the legwork for me! In addition, it provides a great starting point for students who are overwhelmed about the choices that are out there for programs of study. I give the login information to all different groups of students – visiting high school juniors and seniors who have no idea where to begin, current freshmen who are lost, as well as college juniors and seniors who are already set in their program of study but are ready to begin their job search. FOCUS 2 is appropriate and useful for all of these groups – thank you FOCUS 2 for both making my job easier and my students happier!"
Amy Rundstrom, Assistant Director, Academic and Career Services, University of Nebraska Kearney
Independent Career & Life Coach
"The reliability and validity of the instrument impressed us the most, with the positive response from students. This is a great introduction for your career service department to incoming freshmen, and usually of high interest to parents! The personalized report for students is very thorough. This system allows effective tracking reports, the ability to involve academic instructors. The instrument enables you to personalize the instrument to your university curriculum thus providing a great tool for student retention. Career Dimensions offers great customer service."
J.A. Mosto, Independent Career & Life Coach Orlando Fl, retired Director of Career Services, Concordia NE
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